Habersham County, home of the Jennifer Anniston Wanderlust movie, offers a wide range of options for film
 making.  From mountains, rivers and lakes to many historical building sites to its beautiful Tallulah Gorge
 and quaint small towns, Habersham County is endowed with natural beauty and wonders. 

 Founded in 1818, Habersham County is a treasure for sites of the past, and its natural outdoor beauty is

 A Camera-Ready Community, Habersham has immediately available all the permitting and regulatory
 information needed for movie or film making

 Georgia, a tax-friendly state for movie making, now ranks #3 for feature film production, The Wrap reported
 March 6, 2014, ahead of New York, but behind Louisiana and California.  Qualifying productions receive a
 20% state tax credit, plus an additional 10% credit for embedding a Georgia promotional logo in the film
 title or credits.

 For more information about Habersham County, a county tour, or specific site information, contact
 Habersham County Chamber of Commerce at 706-778-4654 or habchamber@windstream.net