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As a county that enjoys four seasons varying from snow to very warm weather, this is a great place to live, work, and play.  Clarkesville, the county seat, has been designated the Number 2 Best Small town for Retirement in America by a Rand-McNally poll and was voted one of sixteen “friendliest towns on the East Coast” in 2011.  Close enough to Atlanta to enjoy the big city but far enough away to escape the hustle and bustle and enjoy the quietness of a small town. 

The natural beauty of Habersham County, two four-lane highways connecting Habersham to Interstate-85, a 100-acre Airport Industrial Park, and an airport with a 5,500-ft. runway and jet refueling station make Habersham an attractive location for international and local businesses.  With two historic colleges in Habersham, this county offers skilled and educated employees from technical courses through doctoral programs.  Habersham County still provides a work force for existing and potential business and industry with the “Mountain” work ethic.

An Archway Community with the University of Georgia Archway Partnership, the vision for Habersham County's growth and quality of life includes resources available through the University System of Georgia faculty, staff and students.  These resources will accelerate opportunities for living and working in Habersham County.  The links below provide local resources. 

  • Business Resource Center
  • Entrepreneur Friendly Designation
  • Camera Ready Community

    Habersham Museums

    Habersham Museums


    Manufacturing is the primary employer in Habersham County.  With manufacturing firms in this county ranging from very small entrepreneurs to international companies, 25% of the workforce are employed in this occupation.  About 67% of Habersham residents work within the county.  Only about 33% commute outside the county for employment.  The local hospital is the second largest private employer in the county.  Many opportunities for employment in health-related occupations are available. 

    Living in Habersham County

    Habersham County is a choice county of residence.  With excellent health care available locally and only a 45-minute drive to the No. 1 Heart Care Hospital in Georgia, this area attracts the young and old alike.  Excellent schools, both private and public, are available; and Habersham is home to two colleges.  Affordable housing, low crime rate and the comforts and conveniences of a small towns, make Habersham a great place to live, work, and play.