Executive Women's Organization

Abby Jackson with Blackhawk Fly Fishing hosted the Chamber’s Executive Women’s Organization
on September 11, 2013.  Over 25 participants enjoyed a farm-to-table luncheon in a beautiful
outdoor setting.  In addition to networking, the group heard Mary Beth Oxendine, motivational
speaker and host of her own television program, “Cooking with Miss O.,” out of Greenville, SC.

The Executive Women’s Organization, chartered in 2012, provides a
networking opportunity for women business owners, executive management,
professional women such as doctors, lawyers, etc., and elected officials. This is
also a support group for women who share similar challenges and issues at the
same level of business operation and promotes economic development through
training and sharing.

Four meetings are held each year, usually luncheon meetings with a speaker. 
Criteria for membership are as follows:

promotion and encouragement of women in executive leadership.  Membership
is open to Habersham Chamber members who are executives in the following
Business Owners (more than five employees), Executive Management,
Professional Occupations (i.e. medical or legal), Elected or Appointed Officials.

Prospective members must be sponsored by a current member of Habersham
Executive Women and are required to complete a membership application,
which is subject to review and approval by the Steering Committee.  All
applicants must meet established criteria for membership with an evaluation
based on current and prior positions of responsibilities (including managing
a budget and/or other staff) as well as demonstrated leadership in the
community. A guest must have attended at least two, but no more than four,
meetings before applying.

New members must be sponsored by a current member and approved by a
membership committee.  The fee for membership is as follows:

  • One-time $25 Initiation Fee for All New Members
  • $100 annually

Currently, the group has about 25 members and would like to grow the
organization.  Membership is open to any woman who meets the criteria and
is a Chamber member. 

The meetings are well organized and maintained on a level to attract women at
the level of the criteria but not waste time or require outside work.  Many
indicate it helps them stay focused, energized and motivated, as well as providing

For more information, call the Chamber at 706-778-4654.