Member Benefits - Habersham County Chamber of Commerce

Chamber membership is one of the most economical ways to benefit and promote your business.  Although there are many member benefits, the “top ten” are as follows:

1—Referrals.  Over 100 referrals a day from the Chamber’s online Business Directory.

2—Networking.  People like to do business with people they know.  The Chamber provides many opportunities for networking.    

3—Credibility.  A national survey found that consumers are 63% more likely to buy goods and services from a company they believe is a chamber member and are 44% more likely to think favorably about the business.

4—Community.  The Chamber is the voice of the community – Be a part of the voice!

5—Exposure.  Exposure helps your business prosper.

6—Discounts.  Save money on insurance and other products through Member-to-Member Discounts.

7—Business Support.  The Chamber supports small and large businesses through meetings, seminars, mentoring, a Business Resource Center, and more.

8—Advocacy.  The Chamber is the community’s advocate with elected officials on issues that affect business.

9—Training.  The Chamber provides cutting-edge workshops, seminars and training to help keep businesses competitive. 

10—Member-to-Member Ads.  Free Member-to-Member Ads are emailed monthly to all chamber members and available on the chamber website until the next publication.   

Through the Chamber, you will have the opportunity to impact important business and community issues.  The primary goal of the Chamber is to create a positive business climate and be the voice of the community.