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A very desirable place to live, work and play, Habersham County had been a strong base for real estate and construction.  Until the decline in the housing market, new subdivisions were a regular site; and property was a premium, real estate was a lucrative career and construction was booming.  A result of the downturn in the housing  market, Habersham has many great buys.  For more information on these, contact any real estate agent listed in the Chamber’s Business Directory.  Real estate executive Frank Norton Jr., during his annual Native Intelligence forecast at the Georgia Mountains Center in January 2011, described the real estate and construction market in north Georgia with the following top 10 trends:

Norton Native Intelligence 
Norton's Top 10 Trends

1. Headed to Evolution Not Recovery
North Georgia will never recover from the recession. It will evolve, shifting priorities and trimming anything but the essentials.

2. Mythical Multiple Bottoms
There is no singular bottom, but many. Those who realize this and don't focus on the bottom will capitalize on the opportunities currently available.

3. The First Law of Cash
We are moving toward a cash-based financial market, where people hoard cash and individuals buying with bills are often given discounts.

4. A Paradox of Ownership
There has been confusion over whether to buy or rent at this time, but many have been encouraged to rent. Physicians moving in on a short-term rental basis creates risk for a community without connectivity.

5. The Million Dollar Dilemma
Million dollar homes aren't selling while smaller modest homes are becoming more popular.

6. Medical Overtakes Poultry as the No. 1 Industry
Powerful growth in the medical industry has pushed the industry past poultry as the region's largest. Poultry, though, is still a stable and essential part of the economy.

7. Out of the Ashes Rises the Phoenix
Many well-known metro Atlanta builders pared down from the recession are re-emerging with new companies, giving hope that they will help spur development.

8. Phantom Real Estate
Countless abandoned buildings line the regions' minor roads. Demand is focused on new construction and these buildings are expected to sit untouched.

9. Our Holographic Government Collapses
As businesses slashed their overhead, local governments took advantage on an excess of tax revenue, building infrastructure they will now struggle to maintain.

10. To the Survivor Belongs the Spoils
These unprecedented times call for individuals to make legacy investments and long-term plans.