History - Habersham County Chamber of Commerce

  • Habersham County, in the foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains of northeast Georgia, was chartered in 1818.  It is named after Joseph Habersham, an army officer during the Revolutionary War.  The county covers 276 square miles and is noted for its beautiful scenery and mild climate.  The town of Clarkesville is the county seat, and there are six other towns.

Habersham County

Mt. Airy
Tallulah Falls

Joseph Habersham Summer House in Habersham County

  • During the Civil War, approximately 1,000 men from the county fought for the Confederacy in almost every important battle, many never to return. Besides men, the County contributed cannon forged by the Habersham Iron Works and Manufacturing Company. Some of the cannons stamped "Habersham Iron Works" can still be seen at the Chickamauga National Battleground.

  • Through the years several museums have been created, and they provide an important window into several periods of Habersham County history.

The Cornelia Railroad Depot Museum
Johnny Mize Museum
The Loudermilk Boarding House Museum - information
The Mauldin House Visitors Center
The Habersham County Historical Society Museum 
Meadow Garden House in Augusta - Tomochichi Chapter, Daughters of the American Revolution

Nature and the outdoors has always been one of Habersham’s enduring qualities.  From the time of the Cherokees until today, the desire to “get outside” is a common craving among most of the citizens. The 100-acre Lake Russell, which is part of the Chattahoochee National Forest, and Panther Creek Park and Falls are popular.  And Tallulah Gorge State Park which borders Habersham and Rabun counties is one of the most visited parks in Georgia.

Tallulah Gorge State Park
Chattahoochee National Forest
Lake Russell

A view of Tallulah Gorge

  • Since its beginning, Habersham County has been one of the leading counties in Georgia in agriculture.  The primary products today are poultry, livestock, produce, horticulture, honey and agritourism . 

Habersham County Farm Bureau

  • The county is home to two historic institutions of higher learning. Piedmont College located in Demorest, and North Georgia Technical College located in Clarkesville.  Both of these institutions have played an important role in Habersham County history.

Piedmont College
North Georgia Technical College