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About Habersham County, Georgia

Habersham County was established in 1818 as the state's 64th county. Named after army officer Joseph Habersham, the county was once land that belonged to the Cherokee. Habersham County is 278 square miles that includes mountains, the Chattahoochee River, the Soque River, and numerous other attractions.


The geology of Habersham County is made up of metamorphic rocks, volcanic intrusions, and limestone. At one time, the Blue Ridge Mountains were the tallest in the world, rivaling the heights of the current Mt. Everest. Geologic weathering has gradually eroded the mountains to their current size and height. This region was never glaciated which has resulted in unique landscapes and species in the region. The presence of fault lines and gold in the region point to volcanic activity which would have contributed to the height and geographic features of the mountains. Marble and granite are also present in the Blue Ridge Mountains and are mined in the region, contributing to the history of the region.

Today, parts of the Blue Ridge Mountains are considered to be temperate rainforests, with rainfall reaching over 70 inches per year. The unique habitats in the area have many rare or endangered species that cannot be found anywhere else in the world, including the endangered species of flower called the Persistent trillium.

The forests in the region, with maple, oak, yellow poplar, and beech make the ridges and valleys turn brilliant colors during fall months, contributing to tourism in Habersham County. The Chattahoochee National Forest provides many opportunities for exploring the geology and forests of the area, giving an up close look at Earth's natural history.

The Chattahoochee and Soque Rivers are both major assets to our county. The rivers both have their headwaters in the Northeast Georgia mountains which gives these rivers their beautiful crystal clear water and their bracing temperature. There is great sport fishing in these rivers with healthy populations of bass and trout which are a unique experience here in Georgia. The streams are narrow and cold which provides a fun challenge to anglers. Environmental protection work happens continuously, working to protect the natural resources in this area and make it so that future generations can enjoy nature's bounty.

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